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    Found a bug in the WinCDEum 4.0 Beta 1 with the Context Menu Icon.
    In Windows 7 no Icon is shown and in Windwos XP the Icon has a lot of blank space behind the Icon and is messes up the Context Menu.



    Any news? happy xmas! 😀



    Just wait Basiz. Happy 2015 to all user of the forum 😀



    yep. happy new year



    Can I still make requests?

    The only one I care about is multisession discs support with audio. Bin+Wave+Cue would be ideal, but Bin+Wave is fine as well 😉

    Also thank you for continued this project that many (including me) thought is long dead.



    OK, I tried to post a new thread a week or more ago, and it wouldn’t go through, so, since it’s related to the topic of this thread, I’ll try to post the gist of it here!

    When I use batchmnt to mount a local .iso image, it always seems to do so with a correspondingly correct emulated device (a DVD-drive for DVD iso, and a BD-drive for BD iso). However, if I try to mount the exact same images (using batchmnt) from a network share, the drive type becomes “CD device”. I wouldn’t care so much about the difference, but for some reason, PowerDVD 14 won’t read the DVD image correctly if it’s mounted on a “CD drive” – I guess it needs a “DVD device.”

    So, two or three solutions I can see, neither of which seems difficult, but I confess to being ignorant as to what would need to change, so maybe it’s less trivial than I think:
    solution #1) Change the code that determine the correct Drive type to be more aware of the size of the images involved – clearly an 8GB image is not going to be a CD iso, and should be mounted as a DVD or BD.
    solution #2) Change the default drive type on mounting network (or unknown) images to “BD” instead of “CD”, since I should think a BD-rom device is also capable of playing CD’s with ease.
    solution #3) Allow for a command line parameter to specify what type of drive device the user would prefer when mounting the image.

    Thanks for your consideration, and for this wonderful piece of software!

    (p.s. I realize that the real culprit might just be PowerDVD’s incorrect handling of the drive/content type… but I think the fix would be easier on this end, than trying to convince PowerDVD folks to fix something!)



    Basiz don’t forget about us! 😀



    Feature request:
    – double-click generates automatically a drive and jumps to it (optionally)
    – add 7zip, rar and gzip support



    Cool, a new Forum/WordPress website!


    1) How to change the avatar?

    2) Where is my XMAS gift Basiz? There are some bug in the beta, still waiting you 😉

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    Only 2 things needed:

    1. Registry cleanup for portable driver http://sysprogs.com/w/forums/topic/ok-feature-requests-wanted/page/2/#post-3417

    2. View the ready algorithm for translating resources will be nice.

    “Localization for the portable version. The current localization engine stores translations in separate files, but the portable version has to be 1 stand-alone file. If someone is willing to modify the sources to support localization via resources, I can show how to do this.



    The registry cleaup is one of my post. There is also the wrong output of the command line ( i have tested only the Portable version ) here:


    Also that is mine. And at least like “most feature request” the /CreateISO parameter in the command line of the Portable version, not so much work

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    • This reply was modified 8 years, 7 months ago by  Thunder.


    LOL i have read the first post today:

    “Let’s make it a Christmas gift to the community :)

    I’ll hope in an Easter gift, Basiz give us a sign of life…




    I’ve a big request – please add MDX, WIM, VHD, VHDX formats. It’s a most popular formats today.

    Best regards.



    Hi Bazis,

    I hope you haven’t forgotten about this. I’m using the beta version, and while I used to be able create ISOs from folders (and not files as previously requested by others), now I can no longer do it.



    It’s everytime the same story, 1 post of Basiz and years ( yes, years! ) passed away from another one.

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