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    It should normally support them. Can you share an example file that does not work?



    Contents of the cue sheet are here:


    The rest of the directory is the separate bin files (Track 01, Track 02, …, Track 23).



    It’s great so far!
    I tested the vmnt.exe to create an ISO with the command line and also the batchmnt works fine, but I miss something.

    First of all: Why didn’t you release the Source Project Files?
    And you also did’nt modify/recreate the createiso parameter of vmnt.exe.

    When I type “vmnt.exe /createiso F” it opens up a graphical interface which wants me to chose a destination folder and a file name.
    I would like to have it without that interface so you can just generate it like this:

    F = my physical drive
    C:NewDirectoryFinalName.iso = my destination path and filename



    Basiz the output of the commandline in the portable version is in a wrong position,, check it out:

    The line “The driver is already installed” in theory must be:

    P.S. Is not only that line, every output is in a wrong position 😉



    About the traslation, everyone with a resource editor without any programming knowledge can change the label of the button but there are some part missing in the DIALOG resource, like:


    or Drive – Image of the Listview ( Basiz everyware 😆 )

    Maybe other, dunno. If you add all the phrase in the DIALOG resource of the executable you don’t need to add any other saparate file for the language



    I think that the “problem” with the language files isn’t anything that needs to be fixed asap.
    You just shouldn’t touch it if you want it to do its work.



    Uh? Edit the resorce don’t compromize anything and there is nothing to fix. If basiz what to make the software multilanguage without additional file there are two ways, compile the software by ourself or edit the resource of the executable, that’s all.



    I missunderstood that, sorry.
    Still, this is a feature request thread and that’s what I was expecting from your post.



    The portable version can have the /CreateISO in the commandline? Thanks



    So basiz, will the /CreateISO Parameter reach it into the command line 😀 ?



    @bazis wrote:

    * Registry cleanup for portable driver uninstallation. Simply could not reproduce it. If you can share exact repro steps, I’ll look into it more

    Is easy to reproduce:
    a) Use a software for making a registry compare like Regshot
    b) Start WinCDEMU Portable and install the driver
    c) Mount an image < -- Important, i have Mount an ISO
    d) Unmount-Uninstall the driver
    e) Compare previous-after registry key with Regshot

    As you can see, the software leave traces, example here:

    Other keys was already posted, but just for complete information are:

    My test machine is Windows 7 x64 on a clean VM



    my request is… if you can improve the installer, in order to no install x64 files versions when you install in a x86 Windows version, because it cause some issues in event logs like:



    @bazis wrote:

    Hi All,

    Looks like despite Windows 8 being able to mount ISO files natively, WinCDEmu is still popular. Hence I have no other choice than to respect our users and make a new release 🙂
    Let’s make it a Christmas gift to the community 🙂
    Please post requests for features/fixes in this thread. I cant’ promise anything massive as WinCDEmu is a side project for us, but I will be open to discussion.

    It would be great if we could right-click on a bootable USB drive and create an ISO like you can with a CD/DVD.
    Please…… 🙂



    bumping this.

    Bazis don’t let us down. I really need a UI-Less parameter with CreateISO.



    feature request:
    – WinCDEmu support to mount ISO with CDAUDIO tracks.

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