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    Hi All,

    Looks like despite Windows 8 being able to mount ISO files natively, WinCDEmu is still popular. Hence I have no other choice than to respect our users and make a new release 🙂
    Let’s make it a Christmas gift to the community 🙂
    Please post requests for features/fixes in this thread. I cant’ promise anything massive as WinCDEmu is a side project for us, but I will be open to discussion.



    Oh man, finally 🙂
    Thank you.

    My requests ( aren’t all mine but from my thread, so other many people ask for that ) are all for the Portable version

    1) Make batchmnt command line work also for the Portable version. In additional was better if you add two parameter, /install and /uninstall for the portable driver. With this two parameter the command line became another software, pratically a standalone CLI for mounting the image without rewrite the entire software. Isn’t this cool? Yes it is.

    2) Resolve the bug “The specified service has been marked for deletion
    How to reproduce:
    a) Open WinCDEmu
    b) Click OK – Install driver
    c) Uninstall the driver
    d) Open Wincdemu
    e) Click OK – Install driver
    f) ERROR:
    Driver installation failed:
    The specified service has been marked for deletion

    Actually we have only two solution:
    a) Reboot the system and WinCdEmu can install the driver
    b) Open cmd –> type “driverquery” without quotes, press the ENTER key and WinCdEmu can install the driver

    3) Better cleanup the registry. After uninstalling the driver, WinCDEmu leaves some traces on the register, here:

    So if i uninstall the driver is better to remove all that unused registry key

    4) Add a feature ( in additional ) for remove the mouted image and NOT the drive directly. With some multi-disk installation is a real problem because search for the same drive but the drive change everytime you mount an image so pratically don’t recognize the disk

    5) Resolve a little interface glitch when you make the window bigger:

    I don’t know if you want to use the same iterface of the installed version, personally i don’t care about the interface i prefer a working functionality software

    I think I have summarized all the most requested-features, I hope i did not forget any 😀



    Thunder said them all 😀
    I can add, always for the portable version, a separate file for the Language. So anyone can traslate it in every language without edit directly the executable with a resource editor



    ok, man

    I have a problem, in UltraISO i could make an ISO image for my flash memory or from some separated files by adding ’em to the image, but i could not do it now with WinCDemu cuz it’s just make ISO image for the DVD drive.




    Create an ISO for any folder is an addition id’ like to see also for the portable version



    Alot of people really NEED a compilable version of your Project. Would you mind uploading it all again in a version which is really compilable without any errors?



    A parameter for CreateISO would be good to see in your program.



    Sorry I forgot to say what CreateISO should do.

    with a CreateISO Parameter in the command line I would like to create an ISO-File from a Physical Drive (CD/DVD)
    Example with Physical Drive (CD/DVD) F:

    After that I would like to silently mount the iso “ISO_from_F.iso” to any Virtual Drive. (implemented though)

    best regards,



    Why limitate it to a “Physical Drive” only? Can be anything, the code doesn’t change if you create from a folder or from a mounted image/phisical drive



    I just thought of my case.
    Good that you said that.
    Yes, an option to create ISO Files of any Folders / Drives would be great



    For what i have read there isn’t any “massive” changes / bugs / feature request, I hope that we would all be “satisfied” by basiz 😉



    Great! I can’t wait! 😀



    as long as he doesn’t forget our requests



    Hey guys, if I promise something, I don’t forget it 🙂
    The new WinCDEmu beta is out. Check out the highlights here: http://wincdemu.sysprogs.org/news/4.0/
    I’ve added what everything that was asked except 2 things:
    * Registry cleanup for portable driver uninstallation. Simply could not reproduce it. If you can share exact repro steps, I’ll look into it more.
    * Localization for the portable version. The current localization engine stores translations in separate files, but the portable version has to be 1 stand-alone file. If someone is willing to modify the sources to support localization via resources, I can show how to do this.

    If you have other requests or feedback on the beta, feel free to post them here.



    bazis, I have been meaning to ask this for a while: WinCDEmu lists support for cue but it seems to fail when I try to mount multi-track cue sheets, saying “unknown or corrupt image file.” It does mount fine with other software (Daemon Tools, etc). Is this to be expected?

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