Introducing CMake Script Debugger

In the recent years CMake has become the de-facto standard build system for many C/C++ projects due to its flexibility, reliability and great build speed. We responded to it by designing the VisualGDB’s Advanced CMake Project Subsystem – a replacement for the regular Visual Studio project mechanism that treats the CMakeLists.txt files as Visual Studio projects and automatically edits them once you edit your target properties in Solution Explorer. But today we are announcing a mechanism that will make your CMake experience dramatically better – the CMake Script Debugger:

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Introducing CMake support for ESP-IDF Projects

Today we are proud to release VisualGDB 5.4 Preview 6 introducing support to the new CMake-based version of the Espressif’s ESP-IDF framework and out-of-the-box compatibility with the MSYS2-based toolchain. The CMake-based ESP-IDF projects, powered by the Ninja build system, build much faster than the regular Make-based projects and offer a higher degree of customization in the Solution Explorer:idf

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