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    Hello I am developing a project using VisualGDB v.  5.4r12 for a STM32H743 microcontroller.

    I am reading an external ADC and placing the results (it is a 6 channel ADC and performs the 6 readings at the same time) in a vector of int16_t; I am checking run time the content of the vector using the “Live variables ” window and I get something as shown in the attached image. It is possible to see that sometimes i get  some ‘spikes’ with a value around 300 (both positive and negative). It seemed strange to me since the channel plotted is connected to ground, so i put a trap in my source code that moves a debug pin everytime the ADC’s read value crosses a limit of 50 (please see attached screenshot); well, both ‘ifs’ are never enetered.

    So i must assume that what i see in plot of “Live Variables” is something that does not actually exists; is it possible ? And if yes, what could be causing the problem? And why just on that particular value of the vector ?

    I’d really like some help on this topic, because i am really clueless.

    Thanks in advance





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