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    Hello !

    I am trying to set up a solution containing 2 projects.

    -a static library

    -an application using said library

    I am trying to get it to cross compile from visual studio to my raspberry pi. Unfortunatly it doesnt compile and it say that i am missing my static library’s header file. When checking on my raspberry it look like the header files from my static library project are nowhere to be found.

    How can i make it so visualgdb send corretly the header files to the remote ?


    Thanks in advance !



    a small precision : I did follow this tutorial  but i did not have the “Source code access” tab




    Following the tutorials should normally work as expected, as long as you follow all the steps correctly. Strange errors are usually caused by changing some settings to unexpected values, and unfortunately, it is practically impossible for us to suggest anything meaningful without seeing what exact settings you are changing.

    Please try following the tutorial again, taking screenshots of each step. If the problem persists, please attach the screenshots allowing us to reproduce the same steps on our side, and we will try to suggest what could be causing it.





    I am sorry i wasted your time on this one, i was making a mistake on the include path myself . It work now.


    Thank you and sorry again for wasting your time !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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