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    Hello All,

    I’m using VGDB 5.4 (Preview 3, build 2193, Linux edition licensed) and I’m getting the following error:

    #error “One of CONFIG_TCP_OVERSIZE_xxx options should be set by sdkconfig” WiFi_IDF3_RevA c:\sysgcc\esp32\esp-idf\v3.1\components\lwip\include\lwip\port\lwipopts.h 348

    I looked at the ESP-IDF Configuration menu and there’s nothing mentioning CONFIG_TCP_OVERSIZE.
    However, in the sdkconfig.h:

    line 78: #define CONFIG_TCP_OVERSIZE_MSS 1
    but somehow lwipopts.h doesn’t see it because the line 339 is grayed out.
    339: #define TCP_OVERSIZE TCP_MSS
    340: #endif

    I reinstalled the tool chain, etc., same error no matter what. Tried with ESP-IDF 3.0, 3.1 release and master, same thing.
    Any known work around this issue?

    Thank you!




    We are not aware of this issue, so it might be caused by some project-specific configuration (e.g. mismatch between the project and the ESP-IDF version). Normally the ESP-IDF configuration entries are handled by the ESP-IDF itself, so VisualGDB should not change the related logic.

    Does the issue happen for any newly created project, some newly created projects, or a specific project you are trying to import? If it is limited to a specific project, does the error also happen when building it from command line?



    You are quite right, it was a project specific problem. I was trying to import an older IDF 2.1 project and I had an additional #include sdkconfig.h statement in one of the older header files.

    Works well, now thank you very much!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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