I created Audio CD image (CUE+WAV file combo) – cannot mount it

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    Hi folks,
    I created an Audio CD image, using a WAV file and CUE sheet file combo. Of course, there are multiple audio tracks defined in the CUE sheet. However, I cannot mount the disc image I created by hand (entirely manually). I even tried to recode it from UTF-8 into Windows ANSI encoding (Windows 1250 for Central European script). Doesn’t work, eighter. It says disc image is unknown or corrupted. Apparently, from what I’ve heard and saw, it is a known limitation and probably even bug. What’s strange however is that I remember being able to mount manually created CUE sheets before, some months ago. So I guessed there may be some syntax error or some misleading or misplaced informations. I ran it through two different validation programs, and it displayed no errors, so I guess there’s no problem in the CUE sheet, but there’s issue with the emulator itself. Apparently, it doesn’t have support for CD images that have multiple tracks anymore. That means I cannot mount Audio CD images, because of course they are comprised of multiple tracks. So what should I do about that? I linked the created CUE sheet in case if anyone is interested (cannot post the linked WAV file for obvious reasons – first of all it is music and second of all, file size limit is far exceeded by the size of the WAV file)



    <h2>Upload Errors:</h2>
    1988DRAK.CUE: Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.

    Ok, so I guess I cannot attach the CUE file to this topic directly. Security reasons? It’s bunch of text, without any additional data that could potentially harm anyone…

    So I’ll attach it differently: here’s the download link for the file: http://leteckaposta.cz/437427964 (2kB). Don’t worry, this is quite well known service for sharing files here in Czechia.

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