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    Since upgrading the VisualGDB 5.5 Preview 7 I am occasionally experiencing two different issues during rebuilds.

    When first starting Visual Studio, everything seems to work find – builds succeed and I can deploy to and debug on my Texas Instruments CC3220SF microcontroller without problems.  However, after some time one of the following seems to eventually happen:

    • A requested build will appear to start, but then never do anything.
      • Visual Studio behaves as if the build is in progress, but I’m unable to cancel (nothing happens when choosing Build -> Cancel from the VS menus) and I can’t close Visual Studio (“The build must be stopped before the solution can be closed”).
      • I have attached a screenshot as NoBuild.png
      • The Visual Studio IDE does not appear to be consuming any CPU. but MSBuild.exe is taking 25% CPU (presumably a full core on my laptop).
      • If I kill MSBuild.exe via Task Manager then the build cancels, and subsequent rebuilds appear to work properly.
    • During a build, I get one or more error messages that say “Warning: cannot perform inline build.  Object reference not set to an instance of an object”.
      • I’ve attached a screenshot as InlineBuild.png.
      • After the first instance of this occurring, it seems to happen on all subsequent builds as well.  Restarting Visual Studio is the only way I’ve found to fix this.

    In case they are related, at the same time that I upgraded to Visual GDB 5.5 Preview 7 I had also upgraded the BSP for the TI CC3220 as instructed in

    Lastly, I also noticed a minor spelling mistake in the “Successfully built 2 projectss, 0 projectss failed” message that is displayed after a build – see attached Projectss.png.



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    This might be caused by incomplete initialization of the floating license. First of all, please try the latest development build: VisualGDB-

    Then please try opening the Help->About VisualGDB window before you start the build. It will force the licensing logic to initialize and display an error message if there is any.

    If nothing helps, please obtain a call stack of the MSBuild process as shown here and attach it here so that we could see what is going on.

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