Analyzer2Go 2.1 is Out

Today we have released Analyzer2Go 2.1 – a handy tool that turns popular development boards into powerful logic analyzers. In this post I will give you an overview of the main changes in the new release

More STM32 Boards

Analyzer2Go 2.1 introduces support for a handful of new STM32 development boards:

You can find a summary of all supported boards, and their speed ratings on this page.

Exporting Data

The new release fully supports exporting the captured data into CSV and binary files, so you can load it into the external tools, or use it in your automatic tests. The data exporting process is documented here.

Improved Usability

The 2.1 release includes various usability improvements and fixes. We have updated the I2C protocol decoder to work more reliably in special cases (e.g. clock stretching), extended the workspace and saved file format to remember reordered signals, added a shortcut for resetting the workspace layout and more.

The new version can also fully automatically test a board and determine its maximum sampling speeds in various modes, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have an STM32 board that is not yet supported, and you would like to try it.

Try It Out

You can download Analyzer2Go 2.1 here. If you have any suggestions, or other feedback, feel free to contact us via the support form.