VisualGDB 5.0 Beta 3 is out

We have released VisualGDB 5.0 Beta 3! This release focuses mainly on usability features for embedded projects that have been requested by the community.

First of all we have added support for live variables – a convenient way to inspect the global variables in your program without stopping it. VisualGDB supports real-time plotting, data breakpoints and can export the data to CSV:livevars

We have also made it much easier to share VisualGDB projects between different users. Toolchain paths are no longer fixed as long as you mark your toolchain as relocatable and the BSPs can be moved to an arbitrary location and placed under source control.

We have also published a new STM32 BSP that now contains the ST USB library and a port of FreeRTOS that can be integrated with your projects with one click of a mouse:frameworks

We have improved the compatibility of our new Clang-based IntelliSense engine with embedded projects and if you are using the dark theme, it will automatically pick up the theme colors for C++-specific items like function templates:


Finally we have enhanced the “Cycle Clipboard Ring” command: pressing Ctrl-Shift-Insert while editing a source file from a VisualGDB project now displays the history of the recent clipboard contents with a search function:clipringYou can download the new beta here or read the full list of new features here.