Introducing Advanced Mbed Project Subsystem

While were are working on the final features of the upcoming VisualGDB 5.4 release, several of our customers mentioned using the ARM mbed framework and requested better integration with it on the VisualGDB side.  So we took a short detour from the original roadmap and today we proudly present VisualGDB 5.4 Preview 9 with the new Advanced Mbed Project Subsystem:

The mbed project subsystem works on the same principles as the Arduino and ESP-IDF project subsystems – it lets the original build tools (mbed-cli) drive the build, displays the accurate project structure in the Solution Explorer and provides convenient GUI for common configuration tasks.

You can now use the Solution Explorer to manage source files in your project, add/remove mbed libraries (and also clone online libraries in one click), target multiple platforms in one project and much more:

VisualGDB now also includes a graphical editor for the mbed configuration files (mbed_app.json), so you can use the familiar VisualGDB GUI to tweak your project and let it automatically update the necessary files for you:

We also included a convenient mechanism for retargeting your projects to different versions of the mbed framework and other libraries, so you can try them out without having to deal with complex command lines:

Needless to say, the Advanced Mbed Project Subsystem is compatible with the advanced code analysis and debugging tools provided by VisualGDB, so you can explore the structure of your code and libraries using CodeJumps, fine-tune your memory footprint with the embedded memory explorer, and watch the heartbeat of your real-time program without stopping it using Live Variables:


Try it out

You can download VisualGDB 5.4 Preview 9 on the download page. If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to use our support form or the VisualGDB forum.