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    I am currently searching for alternatives to Putty on a Windows computer. In order to test SmarTTY, I used the PuttyGen-Tool to convert the key files into the open ssh private key format (rsa 2048 bit). The key file is password protected, the PuttyGen tool is able to import it again using the passphrase. In SmarTTY, I want to connect to my debian server using the public key authentication method. Since I am using different keys per machine, I am configuring an alternative key location. Since the key file contains an encrypted key, I enter a passphrase, and yet, I get the error message “Passphrase Required”. How can I solve this?

    Thanks, in advance



    I am experiencing the same error with the same scenario. Kindly share any resolution. Thanks!



    Same issue. But to resolve it I had to place the id_rsa under my windows profile eg. c:\users\warlord0\.ssh\id_rsa and even then set it with no password.



    I have the same exact problem.

    It’s surprising that months have gone by and the devs haven’t fixed it. Actually, perhaps this has been broken since 2016.

    See topic:

    I won’t be using SmarTTY, as it is not very smart….



    I agree, pathetic this has not been fixed.. What are alteratives to SmartTTY?




    Would like to add that SmarTTY 3.1 (built into latest version of VisualGDB) still not working with keys which have a passphrase. Total showstopper.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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