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    Hello All

    I completely agree with Jeff above – and would like to add WE in the OFFICE ( two licenses! ) have used VisualGDB for lots of Raspberry Pi Work so far – works great!


    VisualGDB ESP32 support basically uses esp-idf (based on commit 2.1) – running with a cygwin environment

    So is it possible to do the Arduino import for esp-idf listed below? (they use a MSYS2 instead)

    Importing the Arduino is easy in windows  /git Рto C:\SysGCC\esp32\esp-idf.orig\components

    I run the win32 console terminal in “c:\SysGcc\esp32\bin\” running mintty to bring up the cygwin console – then run ./bash and ./env

    here is where i fall over (can’t find a way to run make menuconfig) – is it possible to include the <Arduino.h> code? – I don’t know anything about cygwin..!


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