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    Last page of the wizard in creating a “hello world” template. Everything works well until the end, where I want to click “Finish”.

    but you can not click Finish. You hear a chime, but see no dialog box or info of any kind, you can not dismiss the wizard. So I am just hung there unsure what the error is. Net result: can’t get started and generate a project.

    I am using the tutorial and leveraging the remote mono build.




    Thank you for your bugreport. Please provide us with more information so that we could pinpoint the problem:
    1. Which OS/VS version are you using?
    2. Are you selecting the default settings or changing something (e.g. setting up SMB shares)?
    3. Is your WIndows project directory writable.
    4. Is your Linux project directory writable?
    5. Are the remote file/directory browse dialogs working in the wizard (e.g. when you try to change the source directory)?
    6. If you enable the advanced wizard mode and disable importing of IntelliSense directories, will the problem still persist?

    As a last resort, please set the following registry value:
    HKCUSOFTWARESysprogsVisualGDBSettingsExceptionReportDir = c:tempvgdb

    Ensure that c:tempvgdb exists and is writable by the user account used to start Visual Studio.
    Then try reproducing the problem. If VisualGDB encounters any internal errors, it will create report files in c:tempvgdb. Please send us those for further diagnostics.



    Windows 7 64
    I have full admin, all is writable on both raspberry and Windows
    default settings entirely (just following the tutorial verbatum.
    browse dialogs work fine

    I had beta1 of your tool, but found a link to beta2 and installed that, but that did not help.

    Everything works absolutely perfectly, responds correctly, I get to the last page of the wizard, click Finish and “bing” bing bing. Can’t close the dialog.

    But no indication of any problem at all up until then.

    The only anomoly I encountered is installing the mono utility on the remote raspberry. Got a lot of conversion errors on monodoc, but the remote utility seems to run fine.

    I will try the registry and see if that helps anything.



    ok, here is what in that temp log directory:

    System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path ‘C:UsersGreg BrillAppDataLocalVisualGDBRemoteSourceCache10.1.55.177052includeVisualGDB_tmpcontents.tgz’.
    at k.RunAction[_ResultType](ItemizedAction1 action, String caption, Int32 noFormTimeout, String[] stages)
    at lg.a(a A_0, RemoteHostSettings A_1, List
    1 A_2)
    at lg.a(RemoteHostSettings A_0, IEnumerable`1 A_1, c A_2)
    at VisualGDB.Wizard.Linux.LinuxProjectWizard.a(LinuxWizardState A_0)
    at VisualGDB.Wizard.Linux.LinuxProjectWizard.b.b(Object A_0, EventArgs A_1)
    at dx.b()



    Thanks for this bugreport. Looks like it’s our bug related to using the build server.
    Please use SSH instead. The SSH support is a new feature introduced in VisualGDB 3.0 and we haven’t updated all our tutorials yet.

    Edit: fixed the bug and replaced the Beta2 distro. Thanks again for reporting it.



    No problem. VisualGDB is *amazing*. I am tremendously happy such a thing exists.
    I look forward to using it for years.

    And to be clear, you are suggesting *not* using the local cross compiler but rather use SSH in all cases? Even if the wizard works?




    Thanks for the kind words. We do our best here at Sysprogs to make complex debugging scenarios easy and enjoyable.

      As for the cross-compiler, both options have pros and cons:

    • Building big projects with a cross-compiler is usually faster, as your computer is much faster than the Raspberry PI box. However, it will require synchronizing includes/libs and might cause strange bugs if the libraries inside the cross-compiler and on the Raspberry PI get out of sync.
    • Building and running GDB directly on Raspberry PI should work out-of-the-box for most cases, but it may become annoyingly slow for big projects with many source files.
    • If you are building an app that comes with a configure script that should run on Linux, you cannot use the cross-compiler unless you want to set the MSYS environment manually (which will still impose some limitations).

    Bottom line, VisualGDB fully supports both options, the choice is yours depending on what’s more important to you…

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