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    Trying to program and debug an Atmega 128 using an AVR JTAG.

    When using the USB Driver tool to switch the driver for the programmer to the generic WinUSB driver I’m getting an error related to the signature of the driver.  The error I get is ‘Cannot timestamp signed catalog file – error code 0x80072EE7’  When driver signatures were disabled on another laptop we were able to get it to work so it appears to be an issue with the signature of the driver.

    Is there a WinUSB driver that’s signed correctly so that I can install it?



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    Based on a quick search, the error code looks like some Windows files got corrupt (see this thread), so it’s hard to suggest a workaround that would definitely work.

    You can try using Zadig – it uses a slightly different API for generating the drivers; another option would be to import the installed driver from another machine where it got installed (locate/copy the oemXXX.inf/.pnf/.cat files and point the Device Manager to the copied version), although it again may not work if some driver-related functionality is broken on your machine.

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