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    i have this problem since longer, but since i barely used wincdemu, i didnt didnt take the time to register to the forums, to add one other forum to my long forum registration list, just to ask for some support. (nothing personal, but literally every software has a forum with own registration and that kinda drives me crazy sometimes lol)

    so yeah. im using win7 64bit (wincdemue install version, not portable) and when i right click to mount to a drive, it works. then in “my computer” when i right click and “eject”, the mounted iso disappears. but after that, i cant mount anything new, regardless of the drive letter i select – unless i restart my computer, then i can mount again once. but when ejecting the iso, wincdemu wont mount anything again during that session unless i restart.

    any ideas?

    EDIT: i downloaded wincdemu portable now and now i have more detailed information about this bug. according to the list in wincdemu portable, the iso is mounted but there is no drive letter. so it basically doesnt assign a drive letter to the mounted iso anymore in the case i described above.

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    EDIT 2: looks like this error doesnt occur when i unmount the iso by right clicking the iso itself and select “mount”. then it successfully unmounts and i can successfully mount something else.

    but going to “my computer” and “ejecting” the iso from there with right click results in new iso mount with wincdemu wont be assigned to a drive letter, although they are listed as mounted (according to the list in wincdemu portable)


    Same trouble on Windows 10 for me, same solution, thanks to Tzuki76.

    Is WinCDEmu always developed or maintain?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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