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    i followed this guide https://visualgdb.com/tutorials/raspberry/ to build a simple programm for my raspberry pi 2. Everything was like in this tutorial, but at the end there is no hint what to do next? I want to run the compiled executable on my pi via SSH. I’ve located the sourcecode on my raspi but where is the damn executable file?
    These are the only files in the debug folder:     LinuxProject1.dep  LinuxProject1.gcc.rsp  LinuxProject1.gcc.rsp-new  LinuxProject1.msbuild-mak  LinuxProject1.o
    How can i even try to execute them?

    ty for you help.




    The executable file normally has no extension (e.g. …/LinuxProject1/VisualGDB/Debug/LinuxProject1). If you are not sure, please try running the “find <project directory>” command via SSH and post the output here and we will help you locate the right file.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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