What version of C am I using? Codetrail anyone?

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    I am taking over someone else’s code and CodeTrail seems like an awesome tool.

    The code I am taking over uses VisualGDB compiled to an STM32F07 microprocessor.

    I am having trouble getting Codetrail to work. Has anyone every tried this?

    One question I have been asked by the Codetrail tech-support is: What version of C am I compiling to? And where are the C standard libraries the compiler is using?

    I am using Visual Studio with VisualGDB.   I do not see a Makefile.  VisualGDB properties window shows that the toolchain being used is: ARM: C:/sysgcc\arm-eabi

    there are some Preprocessor macros and Include directories but no Library directories or names listed.

    I could not find these answers in my project. Can someone help point me in the right direction?






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    No problem. Please let us know the email address associated with your license key so that we could link it to your support profile, and we will point you to the right direction.

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