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    Recently I ordered a Particle Photon like this one from Amazon:

    I was wondering if VisualGDB supports this device? Would it be treated simply as any other STM32 (STM32F205RG) ARM Cortex M3?

    I could not find a single reference to this device on the sysprogs site. (e.g. google: particle photon

    Any thoughts or comments on this board?





    We don’t support this board yet due to relatively low popularity. We will keep on monitoring its popularity and reconsider this once the board becomes more popular.



    What about now? seems to have taken off with 200K developers worldwide. They have something for Visual Studio Code but what we want is the real VS 🙂



    Based on what we could tell from the Particle site, their main focus is on the cloud platform. I.e. providing higher-level APIs for centrally managing and communicating to the IoT devices. The on-device debugging (the only part where VisualGDB would come into play) isn’t used very often.

    Also the Particle SDK is relatively complex, so properly supporting it by VisualGDB, similar to the nRFConnect SDK would only make sense if it had a much larger use base.

    Our best advice currently would be to import the project into VisualGDB as an external Make-based project. You will still be able to build and debug it, although the Makefile contents won’t be automatically reflected in Solution Explorer the way it’s done for nRFConnect.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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