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    Hopefully this is the correct place for this, I couldn’t find anywhere else that seemed appropriate.

    I wanted to report what I think is a bug in 5.4 Beta 2.  I am running ‘Custom Version’ on VS2012.  On the properties screen, the Defines and Additional sources drop down lists take up a small amount of room and have a scroll bar for them (when you click on the expand arrow).  This works great.  However, the ‘Include directories’ does not, it expands the entire GDB Properties window.  This is, less great.  Leads to an excessive amount of scroll.  It happens in both Debug and Release configurations, if that’s relevant.


    See screenshots for examples.

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    Second bug:

    Every time I regenerate the MCU files, it modifies my vcproj.filters file with things like

    <ClInclude Include=”$(BSP_ROOT)\STM32L4xxxx\CMSIS_HAL\RTOS\Template\cmsis_os.h”>
    <Filter>Device-specific files</Filter>


    It does this even if those entries already exist.  I made no changes to any of my settings and just selected “Regenerate MCU files” and then hit “Apply”.  I did this about 5 times, and after each time the diff between the two versions got larger and larger as it appended things that already exists.


    Also… is there any way to turn that off (on either 5.3R8 or 5.4)?  I don’t want it to automatically generate those files, I find it super annoying as that’s not how my code structure is set up.





    Thanks, we have fixed the expanded list height in VisualGDB Project Properties in this build:

    Unfortunately we were not able to reproduce the second problem. Most likely it is caused by some specific properties of your .filters file. If you could share a basic repro project, we should be able to fix it.

    VisualGDB uses the VS filters do distinguish between the files automatically added from the BSP (that will be overwritten next time you regenerate the files, change the MCU or update the BSP) and your project files that are not changed. Hence there is no option to disable them. You could try converting your project to a stand-alone one that doesn’t reference any files from the BSPs and reorganizing the sources manually.

    In the next major version we are planning to support the advanced CMake project subsystem as the primary build system for embedded projects. VisualGDB will then fully control what is shown in Solution Explorer and will be able to provide a higher degree of customization.



    Hmm, I already am a stand alone project that doesn’t reference any files from the BSP.  There must be something messed up in the backend that’s causing this to happen.

    Ok, I played around with purging stuff from various files, and I found something that stops it from regenerating the BSP files (which any reference too have now been removed from the .vcxproj and vcxproj.filter files).

    In stm32.xml there was a section called “AdditionalHeaderFiles” that had entries like:<string>$$SYS:BSP_ROOT$$/FreeRTOS/Source/CMSIS_RTOS/cmsis_os.h</string>

    I manually removed that entire tag and re-opened my solution, everything loaded fine and when I manually regenerate the MCU files it doesn’t make the BSP files again.  Yay!



    Thanks for clarifying this. Most likely your project has inherited the header files from the time it was a regular non-standalone project. For stand-alone projects you can use the first page of VisualGDB Project Properties to review and remove the source/header files that are considered part of the BSP and will be re-added to the project.

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