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    First of all, thank you for VirtualKD, it’s a blessing for my job.
    I would like to know if there will be a version of VirtualKD available for Windows 10. In the last developper preview (build 10130) VKD’s setup works fine but when rebooting, kdbazis.dll seems to not be loaded (even when the signature enforcement is disabled). Windows 10 is not breaking at startup and VMMon doesn’t “establish” the connection with the OS (No ‘Yes’ in the ‘OS’ column).

    Thank you in advance

    Best regards



    on RTM 10240 build same problem – transport didn’t load. Can you fix this issue ?



    1. VM: Copy kdbazis.dll and kdpatch.sys to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\
    from virtualKD\target\x86 or x64.
    2. VM: Run kdpatch.reg.
    3. VM: Enable debug by serial port. (Use bcdedit or msconfig. Not vminstall.exe.)
    4. Host: Start kernel debug by Windbg with serial port, and run vmmon.exe/vmmon64.exe.
    After 5~10 seconds, Virtual Machine monitor starts transportation and debugging.



    thanks, it works.

    ps: win10 must be booted with “disable signature enforcement” option, like win8/win8.1



    Hi All,

    Please try version 3.0. It supports Windows 10 with the normal vminstall tool.



    Hello again!

    In order to avoid creating too much topics about Windows 10, I’ll just use this one. I’m trying the latest Insider build (14295.1005) of Windows 10 and I have the same trouble as with the version 2.8 + Windows 10 back then. I’ve followed what makki wrote and it worked fine on my Insider build.
    FYI, the boot entry didn’t have the COM port configured and the DLLs weren’t copied in the drivers directory.

    Just to let you know that it doesn’t work “out of the box” but there is a workaround.






    Just to let you know, VKD doesn’t work with the new Insider 14342 (both x86 and x64), even when trying to setup everything manually, following makki’s comment above. I’ll keep you in touch in case I found a solution.

    PS: Sorry for the spam, I guess this kind of information may help the devs of VKD, maybe, dunno.

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    Well, found my solution! It lacked the patched kdcom.dll in the system32 directory (and also the backup of the old one). So if you have any trouble with the Insiders build, just follow makki’s comment and add the kdcom.dll too. Should work fine!



    Sloubi, I have same problem with official Windows 10 Anniversary update (14393).

    I try to follow makki solution, VKD don’t start. How to patch kdcom.dll manually or where find already patched kdcom.dll for this Windows buid?

    Please, write detail instruction.



    Same problem for here in the same version



    Pilon, Khan,

    Nice Solution (not tested though): As far as I recall, this is due to very restricted ACL on the kdcom.dll. Maybe soften them up a bit should do the trick and VKD would patch it fine all by itself.

    Dirty Solution (but works for me): When kdcom.dll wasn’t set up (you can detect this situation by checking if there is a kdcom_old.dll in the system32 folder), then you can copy the patched kdcom.dll from a 1511 after you’ve installed VKD on it.

    On my 14931, the DLL was correctly patched, but the drivers weren’t copied and the boot entry was still setup as Firewire. Copying manually the drivers and setting up the correct debug mode for the VKD entry did the trick.

    Sorry for the late answer, I don’t come here very often

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