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    VirtualKD is a fantastic tool and with VMWare Workstation 10/12 it worked incredibly well. Unfortunately since updating to Workstation 14 it no longer works. Vmmon64 never recognizes any information from the virtual machine, and the pipe is forever stuck in ‘loading’ status. I have created multiple new vms using each of the following versions of windows to test,:

    • Windows 7 pro 64
    • Windows 8.1 pro 64
    • Windows 10 pro 64
    1. Firmware type
      • UEFI with secureboot disabled (as per another suggestion thread)
      • Bios
    2. vminstall
      • with kdcom patch
      • without kdcom patch
    3. manually copying the kdbaziz.dll and kdpatch.sys to drivers and system32 and running the .reg file
    4. manual boot settings with bcdedit (confirmed in msconfig)
      • boot on
      • serial
      • dbgtransport kdbazis.dll
    5. manually patching using vmxpatch

    Nothing works. At best when manually attempting to connect using windbg the the pipe is open but nothing responds. The loading status does not change. With or without the firewall.

    Does anyone know how to fix the problem?

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