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    I downloaded trial of VGDB with intention to setup my android build on Visual Studio.

    I installed the extension and imported my android project. I selected not to modify my (it’s big and complex and conditionally includes many other makefiles).

    The problem is that I cannot do anything else after that since the buildstep is kind of retarded:

    “$(VISUALGDB_DIR)VisualGDB.exe” /build AndroidApp1-Debug.vgdbsettings

    and somehow from this line it calls:

    C:android-ndk-r8bndk-build.cmd NDK_DEBUG=1 APP_PLATFORM=android-14

    But this isn’t going to work with my build since I need to pass many parameters on the make line and search path (for the make.exe itself). Is there a way to specify all these params manually?




    You can specify additional parameters to make by right-clicking on the project in Solution Explorer, selecting “VisualGDB Project Properties” and specifying additional ndk-build arguments. The ndk-build.cmd is currently fixed and cannot be changed via settings. If you want to use a custom build script instead, please write a letter to, we’ll send you a custom build that can do it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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