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    New installer fail on win2K environment.

    I tried install virtual drivers by myself , and it work.

    1, Uninstall old WinCDEmu
    2, Delete C:WINNTSystem32driversBazisVirtualCD.sys
    3, Delete C:WINNTSystem32driversVirtDiskBus.sys
    4, Delete “C:Program FilesWinCDEmu” folder.
    5, Run regedit and delete WinCDEmu.
    6, Reboot.
    7, Install WinCDEmu … An Error dialog said “Installation aborted!”
    8, Download
    9, Copy downloaded BazisVirtualCD.sys to C:Program FilesWinCDEmux86.
    10, Copy C:Program FilesWinCDEmux86*.sys to C:WINNTSystem32drivers.
    11, Right click C:Program FilesWinCDEmuVirtDiskBus.inf and select “install”.
    12, Right click C:Program FilesWinCDEmuBazisVirtualCD.inf and select “install”.
    13, Controll panel ==> Add Hardwware ==> New device ==> IDE ATA/ATAPI controller ==> Select bazis Virtual disl enumerator.

    Then new 2.3 version of WinCDEmu will work on Windows2000 environment;-)


    OK. I don’t have Win2K machine to test the new installer. However, In 1-2 weeks I’ll publish a version with extended error reporting, so you can run it on Win2K and tell me the reason of the problem.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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