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    VS: 2020, V17.3.0 Community


    Noticed there was an VisualGDB update to and went to install it:
    Tools | VisualGDB | Manage VisualGDB Packages | Updates

    As per the enclosed screenshot, I got a “Unexpected download size: 54587392, expected 54583296” error when attempted to download it.

    The exception details are:

    VisualGDB version:
    —————— System.Exception ——————
    System.Exception: Unexpected download size: 54587392, expected 54583296
    at si1.p1(String a, Int32 b, Int64 d, String c, String e)
    at si1.v1(URLWithParameters[] b, Int64 a, String d, Int32 c, nr e, String f)
    at si1.k.a(nr a)
    at VisualGDB.Common_GUI.WPF.ItemizedProgressWindow.<>c__DisplayClass2_01.<RunAction>b__0()
    trace=[si1.p1:0, si1.v1:1162, si1+k.a:0, VisualGDB.Common_GUI.WPF.ItemizedProgressWindow+<>c__DisplayClass2_0


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    Sorry about that. We discovered a glitch in the original 5.6r7 release a few hours after it was published. As it would only affect VS2008 users, we simply replaced the original installer with a fixed version. Other than the VS2008-specific fix, both installers are identical, so we reused the same revision number.

    If you are seeing this message, VisualGDB has downloaded the package catalog after the release, but before the fix. As a workaround, you can download the new VisualGDB update manually here. Other packages are not affected by this, so the error can be safely ignored.



    The manual update worked fine. Great product, great support.

    Thank you!

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