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    I’m working on a Raspberry PI and after cross compiling I can correctly debug my application on my Raspberry. Now I wanted to add a directory synchronize job after building my project. This fails with:

    VisualGDB version:
    —————— System.Exception ——————
    System.Exception: This target type does not support running QuickSync requests
    at VisualGDB.Common_GUI.WPF.ItemizedProgressWindow.RunAction[_ResultType](ev21 action, String title, String caption, x7 exceptionHandler, Int32 noFormTimeout, String[] stages)
    at yu1.e
    at ba2.q2[_Type](s21 a)
    at yu1.f_2[_ResultType](ev2
    1 a, String b, x7 c, String[] d)
    at ib.r1(zw[] b, String[] c, String e, gi[] a, Boolean d)
    at ib.v2(zw[] b, String[] a, String c, gi e, Boolean d)
    at VisualGDB.Common_GUI.WPF.CustomActions.DirectoryTransferActionEditor.RunNow_Click(Object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    trace=[VisualGDB.Common_GUI.WPF.ItemizedProgressWindow.RunAction:167, yu1+e`1.d:0, ba2.q2:71, yu1.f_2:162, ib.r1:125, ib.v2:0, VisualGDB.Common_GUI.WPF.CustomActions.DirectoryTransferActionEditor.RunNow_Click:76]

    When I transfer just single files in several steps it works correct (but may become complicated if the number of files in this directory grows). Is it true that I cannot sync directories on Windows<->Raspberry PI?

    Thanks and best regards,






    Most likely, you have picked up an incorrect remote machine in the “Transfer directory” action. Please double-check all the action settings.

    If this doesn’t help, please make sure you can reproduce the problem on a project created from scratch, and then share the steps we can follow to reproduce it on our side. Please make sure you include the relevant screenshots, as otherwise we won’t know what exact settings you have changed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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