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    A solution with an Embedded Test project worked OK with VisualGDB 5.6r7 ; after building the test project the test were discovered by VS2022 Test Explorer.

    Upgraded to 5.6r8 the Embedded Test project would build but not be discovered by Test Explorer.

    Discovered that on 5.6r8 the Embedded Test project required build to be ticked in the configuration manger, for its test to be discovered by the Test Explorer. This has not been the case with previous versions on VisualGDB(including 5.6r7).

    Thought I should make Sysprogs aware incase this is not a new feature.






    Sorry for the confusion, this is actually by design. One of our customers uses a large solution with multiple test projects to cover several hardware platforms. They use the “build” flag in the Configuration Manager to specify which test projects should be built for each platform, so the previous behavior (showing unit tests from all projects, even if they are excluded from build for the current configuration) was showing a lot of irrelevant tests.

    As it looked like a very specific and rare scenario, we did not add a separate setting for this behavior.

    If your setup relies on the old behavior (i.e. the projects were not excluded from build by mistake), we can gladly add a setting controlling whether to show the tests from the unit test projects that are not built.

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    The old behavior is not required



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