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    Is there any plan to extend support for Zephyr OS to non-nRF based devices? I am developing firmware for an STM32 part but using the Zephyr OS. It would be great if VisualGDB could support this configuration. Alternatively are there any guides for easily including the Zephyr components in the build process from VisualGDB?


    Full OS debugging (threads etc) would be great but at the moment really I am just hoping to be able to build and then run a Zephyr application and be able to debug my own code.

    Thank you!




    Zephyr OS i a rather niche OS compared to mainstream RTOSes like FreeRTOS or mbed+RTX, and involves non-trivial setup steps that differ from target to target and from version to version. Hence, we will not be supporting it directly besides the NRFConnect integration.

    If you can get all the device-specific setup done and get your project to build manually, you can simply import it into VisualGDB as an existing CMake project and make sure the CMake environment used by VisualGDB matches the environment used by Zephyr (see this page). You will be able to build and debug the project just fine once it is imported.

    If the thread layout of your Zephyr configuration is compatible with the one used by NRFConnect, VisualGDB will display them automatically. If not, you can patch our Zephyr thread plugin to handle the changes. Again, as the specifics differ from target to target, we will only officially support it as a part of the NRFConnect SDK integration.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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