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    Jose Cazarin

    Does VisualGDB support parametrized tests running on target with Google Test?

    Cause I was reading a tutorial and when I changed the macro of a test case from TEST() to TEST_P()  I started getting “No source available” errors on the Test Explorer





    It does and it works fine for us.

    Did you remember to add the INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P() macro to actually generate the code for them? The compiler errors you get are a bit horrible to figure out when it comes to the test code since it’s based on so much macro’s.

    Another issue could be that I think the source code for the tests might be handled a bit differently when it’s from the package manager so it might be some issues with it realizing that the code needs some stuff that was previously optimized away depending on your compiler/link parameters.



    Thanks @jensa for confirming that it works for you.

    @jose-cazarin, if it still doesn’t work with your setup, could you please share your project type (MSBuild/Make), the build configuration (build on target, or using a cross-toolchain) and share the code that triggers the problem so that we could recheck it on our side?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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