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    I have one of these boards but I’m having trouble getting a simple blinker to run and debug. The docs from ST are a little unclear too, for example this document opens with

    “The STM32MP157A-DK1 and STM32MP157C-DK2 Discovery kits are designed as complete demonstration and development
    platforms for STMicroelectronics Arm®-based dual Cortex®-A7 32 bits and Cortex®-M4 32 bits MPUs in the STM32MP1 Series
    and their STPMIC1 companion chip.”

    no mention of the STM32MP157D-DK1 specifically.

    I followed this tutorial but I can see the board used is not identical, nor is there any mention of “Engineering Mode” in the ST document. The only device that matches seems to be the STM32MP157D_M4 and I have no idea what the “M4” refers to, again there’s no mention of this designation that ST reference manual.

    Anyway, I tried to use that and move forward and when I test the debug settings I get the error about “All reported device registers have a value of 0” and I’ve seen that this can sometimes be safely ignored but don’t know for sure. But if I do just ignore and continue with the project, it creates the project and adds the various file and builds fine.

    But when I insert a breakpoint and start  the debug session I get a warning message box, that says:

    “The memory location used for the stack (0x1003FFFC) is not writable. Please check the selected device type and the linker script. You can disable automatic stack checking via the VisualGDB Project Properties.”

    The debug session them seems to lock up and eventual fail with an error about failing to resume the session. If I then disable the automatic stack checking it still fails eventually saying unable to resume session.

    I suspect that the device I chose is not the exact match for the device on the board, but don’t know how to go forward from here, if anyone has used VisualGDB with this exact board and knows what to do, I’d be delighted to hear from you!



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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