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    is there a way to build my own mingw SDK for the STM32MP1 module?

    I’m using a SomLab module with some extra features, so I have to build the image with yocto. With your windows based SDK I’ve successfully created the demo app based on your tutorial. But I’ve read on site: “Note that the toolchain must exactly match the SD card image programmed to your board.” Since I have to create my own image, maybe I need an SDK for that.”. Based on this, that means I have to build my custom sdk. The official STM wiki page doesn’t contains any option to build sdk for windows. I’ve followed this tutorial:, but I’ve got errors.





    In our experience, it is possible with some trial-and-error. We ended up hijacking the configuration command lines for binutils/gcc/gdb, manually patching them to produce a Windows toolchain, manually running them and resolving the issues that arose. If you wish, we can do it for your custom module for a fixed price. We would need your existing VM with the regular toolchain build environment; we will edit it to produce a Win32 toolchain, and will document the steps needed to fix everything. Feel free to reach out to our sales if you would like to get a quote.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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