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    I need to preprocess a file that’s part of a project with a custom build tool, as the OP mentionned, the “custom build tool” properties that’s there for files in a regular VS project do not show up when it’s a VisualGDB project.

    I followed the steps described in #20228 but it’s not really working as i want:

    1- although it’s added to the .vcproj, the file doesn’t appear in the solution explorer in the project treeview, which is not convenient

    2- the custom command is only executed when i open the project, not when the source file has changed or when i build.

    Is there another way to execute a custom command for a file that’s part of a VisualGDB  project ?

    Thanking you in advance

    P.S: apart from minor annoyances like this one, VisualGDB is amazing… great job



    VisualGDB supports 2 types of custom build steps:

    • First of all, you can add custom build steps by editing the build files of the underlying build system (e.g. Makefiles for GNU Make or CMakeLists.txt for CMake). The exact way to do it depends on the underlying build system (Make, CMake, MSBuild, Arduino, etc).
    • You can also use the VisualGDB GUI to add custom pre-build/post-build actions. I.e. VisualGDB will execute arbitrary command lines, transfer files, etc. before or after build. These are defined globally (not per-file) and can be configured via VisualGDB Project Properties -> Custom Build Steps. This feature requires the Custom edition or higher, so if you are using a lower edition, you can upgrade it here.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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