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    Hi, Thank you for release WinCDemu 3.0 binary & sources. 😀

    I try to build the new version.
    but, a error indicate at compile time. 🙄

    error message is here. It’s a build vmnt project.
    1>.vmnt_lng.cpp(26) : error C2129: static function ‘const TCHAR *BazisLib::LookupLocalizedString(unsigned int)’ declared but not defined
    1> C:OpenSourceBazisLibbzscmn/i18n.h(12) : see declaration of ‘BazisLib::LookupLocalizedString’

    I use BasizLib-2.4.0, VisualDDK-1.3.2, with Visual Stuido 2008 Pro and Win7 WDK,




    Ok, there is a small bug in STRGEN.EXE tool provided by BazisLib. Please find the StringManager.cpp file, replace “#include” to “#include ” in the CPP file generation function, rebuild the STRGEN.EXE and regenerate language files for VMNT.



    Thank you for Quick Reply.

    I can success to build it. Thank you.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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