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    Hi! On other SSH clients, i used to select paste several lines and then the New Line and return characters were converted and sent to the terminal, so i can paste and exec several commands one after another.
    For example:
    <div>sudo env ACCEPT_EULA=Y</div>
    <div>env ACCEPT_EULA=Y</div>
    <div>sudo ACCEPT_EULA=Y yum -y update</div>
    But when i try to do the same on SmartTTY,  I get all the commands pasted on one line
    <div>sudo env ACCEPT_EULA=Yenv ACCEPT_EULA=Ysudo ACCEPT_EULA=Y yum -y update</div>
    Any idea if it’s how it works? Should I modify some configuration to make it work?



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