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    First let me say , Smartty is a great product. I use it a LOT for com port terminal when creating projects with Arduinos or ESP’s.
    I would like to offer some suggestions that would make this product even better.

    1. Show which com port is configured when not connected.
    2. Display the com port in the window title  (useful to know which window is which and also great for automation tools).
    3. Tabbed windows for com ports
    4. Ability to change the com port once configured.
    5. Starting and connecting via command line (also great for automation, batch file builds etc)

    The ability to dock individual Smartty windows so you can have multiple open on the screen at the same time would also be helpful. I work on projects with multiple devices
    and seeing them talk to each other is really important.
    Also information about ANSI code support would be useful

    again, great work on a great product.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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