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    On different Windows 10 20H2 machines SmarTTY 3.2 (in contrast to 3.1) always crashes after selecting SSH connection (or creating a new one) with zlib compression enabled. The program window simply vanishes.

    I’d be grateful for any hints on what might be wrong.


    BTW: It is a very strange user experience that after double clicking on a connection the main program window vanishes and a new window with the terminal opens — with no way to go back to the start window — or the start window without any menu (and thus e.g. the help – about dialog to check the program version).



    To get back to the start window, File / Open Another Session (it’s not quite the same, as new sessions then end up in a new window). I was confused for a while too. I wanted to be able to do that because I often modify or create new connections, and you can’t do that from the ‘connect to another target’ button. Interestingly, now I go to try this today, I can’t actually open another session from that window. it starts the handshake, tells me the server’s key has changed (it has), then it closes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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