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    In my project I use arm-none-eabi for cross-compile to the target and MinGW for building a unit test executable on Windows. In both cases I’m using toolchains from the VisualGDB package manager, specifically the “ARM toolchain” and “MinGW64 toolchain.” I’ve kept them both updated, and the ARM toolchain has GCC 10.3.1 and the MinGW toolchain has GCC 9.1.0.

    The issue is that I’d like to start using C++20 features available in GCC 10, but I can’t move up until the MinGW toolchain moves up as well. I noticed that the VisualGDB package appears to be based on the MSYS package mingw-w64-x86_64-gcc, so I downloaded the latest version of that (with GCC 12.2.0), added a toolchain.xml file, and imported it as a third party toolchain.

    This works great! But it’d be much nicer to keep working with toolchains in the VisualGDB package manager so that I don’t have to distribute a custom third party toolchain to other developers. Is an update to the MinGW64 toolchain in the cards for the near future since MSYS’s package has updated? Thanks!



    No problem, we have updated our MinGW32/MinGW64 packages based on the latest releases from MSYS2.


    Thanks! Everything compiles with the updated toolchain as expected.

    I am experiencing intellisense issues once I move the standard up to C++20, but it sounds like those are already known and being worked on per this thread:

    [If it’s relevant, intellisense seems to think that my user-defined classes are members of namespace ‘std’ and that some real members of namespace ‘std’ don’t exist.]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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