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    I’ve only been using WinCDEmu for about a day now, but I love it so far. I like the fact that it’s open source, too. I know the name is WinCDEmu, but would it be possible to get support for disk images (IMG/IMA/IMZ) as well as BIN (CDRWin), BWI/BWT (BlinkWrite) and CDI (DiscJuggler)? I’d really like to switch from MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM to this, so I’m hoping to see support for more formats.



    Use Sourceforge for feature requests.



    If you can find a detailed description for those formats, I will consider supporting them. Otherwise, analyzing an unknown binary format is quite a hassle and is questionable unless the format is really popular. You can also provide your own implementation based on WinCDEmu format driver interface, so I will include it in future versions of WinCDEmu.



    The problem with most virtual drive software is that they either don’t support a wide array of formats or the usability isn’t practical. Take MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD-ROM for example: it supports a large number of formats, yet it doesn’t add an entry to the context menu, doesn’t associate those formats with the app, relies on a systray icon and i have to click 6 things just to mount something. DT is another example: doesn’t support many formats, the usability could be better, etc. Regardless if a format is popular or not, there comes a time when someone might need it. What’s the point of making yet another virtual drive app if it doesn’t do better what apps like it already do?

    As for descriptions of these formats, I don’t entirely understand what you mean by a “detailed description,” but here’s a start:

    Disk images: IMG,IMA/IMZ

    CD images: BIN, BWI/BWT/B5T/B5I, CDI

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