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    This mail has also been posted on your forum, but it seem pretty empty there so i also just send you a ticket.

    According to

    Once installed, most of these software will allow you to mount an ISO or CUE/BIN image by simply double-clicking on it. Beware, some images contains additional data only readable by DAEMON Tools, making the disk image unmountable, or making the game unplayable without a crack / noCD. Having DAEMON Tools installed for these cases can be useful.

    I’ve written about this in the comments

    How come?
    Can you reference that sources that technically explains why this is the case?
    Are there not any standard protocols for mounting img/iso/cue/ccd.. and so on?
    Have you planned on making the program to be compatible as daemon tools lite is?

    Love your program and i was a bit confused by this, tried troubleshooting it for a few hours until i found out.
    Best regards: Victor the programmer from Denmark.

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