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    just reformatted and reinstalled, first thing i put on was wincdemu to install stuff from iso’s… and the “my computer” in the start menu is weird, its added a duplicate of my D drive, and the icon has nothing in the properties when i look… its also added a shared documents folder which i don’t use…

    im on xp sp3 with a p4 3.0 HT chip, 2gb ram and an intel d845 motherboard… nVidia geforce 5600xt / creative sb audigy platinum ex…

    i cant find a way of removing these icons apart from show my computer in the start menu as a link not a menu….

    i know its to do with wincdemu because ive just reformatted again and installed wincdemu first to see if its definitely the one.

    apart from that its a great program, the reason i had to reinstall in the first place is because alcohol 120% caused the BSOD loop to do with unmountable drives… a347 is a pain grrrr

    thanks for all help in advance!



    update…. these are also in explorer when you use the “folders” left tab…

    i cant get rid of these:-

    shared documents

    tried ticking “hidden” in properties etc, all the usual stuff…. i usually use tweaknow powerpack to hide these kind of things, but i installed cdemu before i put that on, and even though in tweaknow its showing as ‘hidden’ on all of these icons they are still there…

    its not the end of the world, just sets my ocd side off a bit, i like to only have icons i use in windows!




    WinCDEmu does not add any icons or shortcuts apart from its own group in the start menu. Maybe, your problems are due to unclean shutdown, or some other software? The only rarely happening problem related to icons is that when you unmount a disk image (e.g. V:) and mount a new one to the same letter, explorer can continue using the old icon for that. However, this has nothing to do with WinCDEmu. If you are not sure, try disabling “Virtual Disk Enumerator” device in the Device Manager and checking whether the problem persists.



    i dont know what else it could be….

    i formatted c

    installed winxp sp3 build 2600…

    looked at my computer… everything fine… rebooted

    installed emu…. instantly the my computer menu changed… i dont see how it can be anything else? there was nothing else on it at that point. i was wondering if its forced some things to display or something as its installed, but dont know the regedit stuff to change it back.

    it was a clean install onto a formatted drive, it HAS to be this installer that causes it!



    WinCDEmu installer registers its program folder in “Start” menu and that causes it to reload. I mean, if something messed up the settings before, installing WinCDEmu just caused explorer to re-read all settings & make the problem visible. Ok, can you clearly describe what exactly has changed? Which icons appeared where? It is not completely clear from your previous posts. Maybe, I’ll have some suggestion.



    nope its not a standard install problem… you may be right on it just showing things it sees but i’d have no idea of the root problem of that!

    before its installed, if you go to start>my computer> you’ll see drives… c/d/e/f whatever… this installer seems to add another D: at the bottom, but it looks like a folder not a drive… when you right click and go to properties all you can do is tick/untick read only and hidden… both of these dont really make a difference… if you go to the “shared” tab on the properties theres something about $D being shared, which i turned off as i dont use folder sharing.

    also in the ‘my computer’ thing in the start menu it has added “printers and faxes” and “shared documents”… again with the same corrupt looking properties as the D folder…

    these are also found on the left hand side of “windows explorer” when you turn on the “folders” view (left pane)

    im fairly clued up on pc’s, usually its fairly simple to remove these folders/icons but ive tried everything. my whole experiment of reinstalling windows again this morning was to double check that this program causes the start menu error… im 95% sure its related to this. there was NOTHING else installed when i installed this, no ethernet drivers (virus/malware eliminated), no ram faults / hdd errors etc… checked all my stuff in dos because i was worried i had a bad drive… smart check also reports fine…

    i was hoping it would be a common problem and there would be a simple fix for it! sounds like im the first with this problem lol

    any ideas/tests/regedit adds deletes etc accepted! thanks 🙂



    I hear this for the first time also. Moreover, knowing what does the installer modify, I cannot name a single reason, why should it be like this. You can try the TweakUI tool from MS to rebuild various explorer caches and manage icons, if that helps. Additionally, try uninstalling WinCDEmu and seeing whether it affects the icons.

    If that helps, here is the script that modifies the registry during WinCDEmu installation (as you can see, it does not change anything related to “my computer”):



    very weird lol

    it installed fine, then changed the icons, then i went to mount an iso and it said about an update for something… im still installing progs for now but when ive done eveyrthing ill uninstall it and report back…

    i honestly cant think what else would cause it though, some windows random fault when it installs the driver it seems…

    thanks for your help so far much appreciated!



    im more OCD than i thought, and the extra icons were doing my head in so i had to reformat again….

    this time i used the cd instead of the usb flash to install xp… and everything seems to be fine…

    either an issue with emu seeing the flash drive as some ghost D drive or something or windows has a fault on the install from usb drives…

    either way thank you for all quick responses… great program, i will recommend to anyone who uses alcohol 120 or daemon tools… this wins hands down!!

    ocd sufferer, uk 😉

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