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    VS2020 with VisualGDB5.6R8


    The files generated using embedded wizard for R7FA4M2AD3CFP LED project, do not build without modification (after modifications can build and run).

    Path to cmsis_compiler.h  (included in renesas.h) required automatic header discover to add path to the project.

    In bsp_mcu_family_cfg.h lines:
    #define BSP_CFG_ROM_REG_BPS0 (~((1U << 0U) 0U))
    #define BSP_CFG_ROM_REG_PBPS0 (~((1U << 0U) 0U))

    need to be corrected (eg #define BSP_CFG_ROM_REG_BPS0 (~( 0U)))

    Warning generated implicit declaration of bsp_init(NULL) in system.c
    Renesas IDE generated project had this function declared in board_cfg.h






    Thanks for pointing this out. The Renesas devices are quite different from other device families supported by VisualGDB. They extensively rely on fairly complex code generation logic (that uses JavaScript in some cases). VisualGDB does not include a JavaScript engine and cannot replicate the original logic with 100% accuracy, however it still supports a reasonable subset of it that can still save time, while requiring occasional manual adjustments.

    In this case, the incorrect syntax comes from the following line in the BSP.XML file:

    You can work around it by patching the file as follows:

    You can then set BPS0 to 0 via the project properties (or just hardcode 0 in the template instead of $$config.bsp.fsp.BPS.BPS0$$).

    We have noted this in our roadmap for the Renesas BSP, and will look further into it when releasing the next BSP version.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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