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    Hi, i have loaded an exisiting makefile managed project for cross-compiling and works fine.

    I did this proccess by New Project -> Linux Project Wizard -> Import a Project -> Import a project build with other tools

    And finally i configured the build and target machines.

    The problem is that this project has some custom targets like “make check” and “make valgrind” for running unittests and  valgrind analysis. I have added both targets to custom shortcuts in

    visualGDB project properties but i have some problems.

    • The first one is that i get a “command not found.” error and i don’t know how to fix it. I attach custom shortcuts configuration and error log.
    • The second one is that if i first run “Run tests” shortcut (the first one) and the i run “Run Valgrind” (the second one), then if i run “Run tests” again “Run valgrind” is run and i can’t run run tests until i restart visual studio.


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    It looks like you have specified the commands incorrectly. Please try updating them as shown below:

    Command: make
    Arguments: check

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