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    To reproduce, create a command line that requires more than one line, and execute it. ensure your cursor is at the bottom of the screen (so that the screen will scroll up in the next step). Use up-arrow to bring that command back, then delete enough to return to the first line. Now use the left cursor key to move at least one character, then try to delete a character with backspace – exception raised (file attached). The command I’m using is:

    cat $(find . -regextype sed -regex “.*/*-[024]0.jpg” |sort) |ffmpeg -y -framerate 24 -f image2pipe -vcodec mjpeg -i – -vcodec h264 -f mpeg /data/daily/text-2.mp4

    I delete up to and including “| ffmpeg”, then try to change the regex. It doesn’t matter how far you delete to, as long as you get to the previous line. I’ve seen this intermittently with 3.2 and the previous version, but it took until this morning to twig how to reproduce it.

    Awesome tool, highlights for me are integration of SCP / file editing, and automatic ssl key exchange. Excellent for folks needing *nix console access from Windows. If it has a feature missing, for me it’s the ability to create a new connection profile from the ‘Connect to another target’ / ‘sun’ button. I know you can open a new session from the file menu and create one there, but that leaves a new shell open (although right now that seems to not work at all – can’t even connect to an existing one). Happy to help test.

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