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    I’ve been using VisualGDB for around a month now and overall very impressed and it makes life easier for writing and debugging code.

    However, one thing I have not yet spotted is detailed revision history for the packages. For example, I have been using STM32 2020.06 but get the suggestion to upgrade to 2020.10 when I start. However, I can’t see a list of changes or improvements between the versions which is very useful when considering whether to upgrade the package.

    If I have missed the revision history, please post a link to it. If not, I think you should give serious consideration to providing such information as it is very important if VisualGDB is to be used in a commercial environment.

    Similarly, I can’t spot minor revision history information for VisualGDB itself, only for eg the 5.5 release overall.





    Thanks for the kind words. The STM32 package is based on the official SDKs from ST. You can find the exact SDK versions in the SDKVersions.xml file inside the BSP directory and cross-reference it with the SDK revision history from ST.

    For OpenOCD packages we build snapshots of the OpenOCD source tree, since OpenOCD does not have regular release cycle. There is no official changelog, but you can infer it from git commits (sorry, it’s up to OpenOCD maintainers).

    You can find very detailed VisualGDB revision history here (changes in maintenance releases, such as v5.5R3 are shown at the end of the v5.5 change list).



    Thank you, that’s very helpful. I must admit, I’d looked through the VisualGDB revision history but hadn’t spotted that the maintenance information was at the end of the list. I blame my old eyes! 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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