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    Inside Visual Studio using a Visual GDB project I can see a tree structure in the solution explorer.

    I have some questions about this:

    1. What is “external dependencies” how is it populated?
    2. Under Header files and Source file I can see Device-specific files, how do I add an entry to these?

    Question 2. arose because in a simple HAL example for STM32F446RE  I try to call __DAC1_CLK_ENABLE but get a build error because the implementation of the function can’t be found (actually it cant find __HAL_RCC_DAC1_CLK_ENABLE).

    So I assume I must add some source file to the Device-specific files BUT where do I find the file? do I add it to the HAL or LL sub folders/

    Any help is much appreciated!





    No problem. The External Dependencies are managed by Visual Studio itself and not by VisualGDB. Please refer to Visual Studio documentation for more details on them.

    The Device-Specific files folder is reserved for files managed by VisualGDB that are added to the project based on the device descriptions shipped with VisualGDB. We do not advise editing them, as it may break your project.

    If you are getting weird build errors, please try searching the nearby source files for the definition of missing symbols and understanding where exactly they are defined (make sure you understand the differences between C++ definitions and declarations). Adding random files to the project in attempt to fix the build errors will only cause more weird errors and break the project further.



    Hi, OK that helps me actually, so the contents of Device-specific files folders are never intended to be manipulated by the developer.

    So there’s never a situation where I’d need to include some additional STM32 header in my source file and that include file would not already be present in the Device-specific files header section?

    Every include file I’d ever need to leverage any aspect of HAL should already be present in the Device-specific folders?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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