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    From esp idf version 4.0 and up, I have the issue that there aren’t any project properties available, like there used to be as can be seen here ( at section 21).
    The only settings I get are the ones that I have included in the screenshot.
    This issue does not only exist in my case, as the exact same issue persists with my colleagues.

    Would anyone know how to get those settings back like are shown at that link? changing all the settings through “make menu-config” is a lot less convinient than doing it in the project properties.

    We use the following versions:
    – Toolchain gcc 8.2.0, gdb 8.1.0 rev6
    – visualgdb version 5.5 preview7 build 3666
    – idf versions 4.0/4.1/4.2 from the release branch


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    I heve the same problem too!!!!




    Indeed, the newer ESP-IDF versions use a different format for specifying some KConfig entries and VisualGDB 5.5 Preview 7 doesn’t parse it yet.

    Please try this build: VisualGDB-



    That fixed it! Thank you very much

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