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    Development environment: Visual Studio with Visual GDB

    Programmer: SEGGER JTag-EDU Mini

    Target Platform: Raspberry Pi Pico

    Just wondering if anyone else has had an issue with semihosting not giving any output in the “ARM Semihosting Console” window and fixed it.


    I had to change to a new laptop as my old one was quite literally ‘old’ and the keyboard was getting a bit flaky. I have moved my development tools/environment/licences to my new laptop and can compile and run my source withput issue. I can even debug it….but the ARM Semihosting Console window remains mysteriously devoid of any output.

    At the moment I have been unable to find out why this would be the case. Has anyone had a similar experience and can point me in the direction of a checkbox I may have missed, add-on missing or something like that??






    No problem, please let us know the email address associated with your license key, so that we could check your support status, and we will be happy to help you.



    Hi all – for what it’s worth – it was a stupid error on my part. I post my findings here in case it helps someone else.

    At some point during the “move” of my development environment from machine A to machine B, I was getting a compile time error at the link stage about missing lprofile (or something like that)… a bit of Googling suggested profiling wasn’t supported so I removed “profile” from the┬átarget_link_libraries() section.

    Lo an behold it all compiled and ran as expected. A little while later I discovered that semihosting wasn’t working but had forgotten that I had removed Profile from the target_link_libraries section. Adding this back in no longer complained about the missing library but did allow semihosting to work.

    I *think* at some point in time between removing “profile” and putting it back I must have downloaded the “missing” library – probably as part of downloading the embedded framework.


    Thanks for looking, and happy coding.







Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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