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    I am running VirtualBox and DDKLanuchMonitor is running on the VM and showing “Local IP Address:”.

    Launching the VisualDDK Project Launcher will show two new lines in monitor; “Discovery request from…” and “Discovery request from…”

    Clicking the button “Launch” generates the error “VisualDDK: Cannot start debugging: All pipes are busy.”.

    Any idea how to solve this problem.




    I installed VisualDDK as explained in the Quickstart guide. I installed in my VMWare (Win7, 32bit) the VMInstall setup, rebooted and opend DDKLaunchMonitor.
    Here a screenshot from the running DDKLaunchMonitor:

    I checked if I can ping my VM. Here the screenshot:

    Now I went to Visual Studio and created an empty project with a simple console application, just to get the “Debug” menu.
    Here the screenshot:

    As you can see, I have selected as Transport “Kernel Mode connections” and as qualifier my running VMWare. I did not enter the “vm://DriverDevelopVM” myself. Visual Studio put it in there.

    Now I get the error you see in the screenshot. The error ist half english, half german. It says: “Unable to connect to ‘vm://DriverDevelopVM’. All pipe instance are busy.”

    Does anyone of you have an idea, what that means and how I can fix it?





    Please close WinDbg before you start debugging with VisualDDK. You cannot debug the same kernel using 2 debuggers in parallel!



    Hello bazis,

    thx for your answer, but I did not open WinDbg. Is there any other thing, that I might have done wrong?




    Hey everybody,

    I found the problem and made a short screencast where you can see, how to use VisualDDK with a VM and how to connect to the VM.

    If you want, you can link/copy the video to your Quickstart Guide. If you download the Video, start it in Windows Media Player or any other Video Player of your choice.

    Direct Link:

    View Link

    There is a HD Version of the Video of about 90MB. If you want it for your Quickstart section, send me a message.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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