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    lzambonelli @mexage


    i’m trying to port my project from toolchain R15 to R16. I had a lot of problem, and in order to pen project in VS2017 i had to change MANUALLY the vdbproj file (very annoying). After VS2017 was able to open it, it was not able to compile.

    Than i tried to start from an example program, but when i try to create a new one the attached message appear.

    I’ve noticed another problem: ehn i open VisualGDB project PRoperties windows, within ESP-IDF configuration list i cannot find how to set serial port to flash the micro.

    Can you help me?

    In general, i’ve noticed that everytime an updated toolchain is installed, it’s a kind of mess

    Thanks in advance for your kindly help

    Best regards


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    Sorry, ESP-IDF is not very backward-compatible. Unfortunately, it isn’t something controlled by us – it’s a design choice by Espressif to introduce new features faster at a cost of backward compatibility. Our best advice for porting the project would be to create a new one with the latest IDF/toolchain and then move your code one file at a time, resolving the build issues.

    We can help you find the COM port setting if you could post screenshots of the project properties and debug properties page of VisualGDB Project Properties.


    lzambonelli @mexage

    Thanks for your reply (and sorry for my delay)

    Already solved. Just opened manually file and changed it

    Another suggestion when a new toolchain is set is delete VisualGDBCache, CodeDB and Debug folder within solution root folder.





    Thanks for the suggestion. We can indeed cache the toolchain/IDF version used during the last build and force a full rebuild when it doesn’t match anymore. We will investigate this and get back to you around the middle of the next week.



    OK, we have updated VisualGDB to automatically remove the temporary files from the previous ESP-IDF versions when changing the toolchain or the IDF checkout.

    Please try this build: VisualGDB-

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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